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Range of uPVC Windows to suit any budget.

Our customers frequently inquire as to whether they can replace a conservatory roof with tiles. We are glad to inform you that this is entirely possible with the new lightweight Solid Roof Conservatory.We offer modern glazing or roof windows options so you can enjoy the best of both worlds whether you require a conservatory or an extension.

A range of options.

At Yorkshire Windows, we offer two distinct Solid Roof Conservatory styles i.e. the Traditional roof style and the Contemporary roof style. The Traditional style involves the use of replica tiles to produce a basic, luxury tiled roof and is only available for recently developed conservatoires; while the Contemporary roof style integrates glazing into the roof tiles to give it that superior finish look. The contemporary roof style is available for both old and new conservatories.

Our Contemporary roof styles give you the options of having anadditional light flow in through the roof or reduce the effects of excessive sunlight and heat on your furniture by installing our Solar roof glass that helps to reflect heat.

Our Contemporary tiled roof style weighs just about the same as our glass roof conservatories. Hence, it can easily be used to replace polycarbonate and glass roof conservatories. You don’t have to worry about structural support problems because our roof styles are up to the task and will do just fine.

Our Contemporary roof styles adhere to all building regulations and are built to be solid with high thermal efficiency. Our insulated, solid roof styles are 15 times more thermally efficient than older polycarbonate and clear glass roofs.

Yorkshire Windows will provide you with a solid conservatory roof or a customized replacement that is sure to enhance the beauty of your home. Our products come with a tried and tested 10year guarantee! The slate effects tiles come in a variety of colors ranges from Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown, Terra Brick Red, and several other artisan colors.

Yorkshire Windows has developed an efficient solid conservatory roof that provides you with the advantages of a regular conservatory while being able to outfit it with a solid roof. The roof can be adapted to have glazing if needed. Whether you require a brand-new conservatory built to specification, or you simply desire to upgrade your existing roof or structure, Yorkshire Windows is up to the task!

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  • Double Glazing
  • A Rated A+ Rated
  • U-Value 1.4 m2k
  • G Value 0.47
  • Air Leakage 0
  • Triple Glazing
  • U Value 0.9m2k
  • G Value 0.42m2k
  • Air Leakage 0
  • Best For Retaining Heat
  • Building Regulation Compliant
  • BFRC Certified Rating
  • Secure By Design Certified
  • BBA Certified
  • Certified Fitters

Yorkshire Windows Installs Profile 22 uPVC Profile. A uPVC Profile Acrediated as follow to Last, Perform and be Secure!

upvc windows in double glazing accreditaion

Yorkshire Windows installs German Rehau uPVC Windows and Doors. Rehau is the Leading Double Glazing and Triple Glazing upvc Windows profile manufacturer which,  a massive 1 in 7 upvc Windows Fitted in UK are  Rehau.

This can safely be said as Rehau were One Of The First Companies in UK to produce and sell uPVC Window systems. Rehau is a multi award winner and also is the highest selling profile system in UK.

Yorkshire Windows Double Glazing and Triple Windows systems will:

 Enhance the look of your home.

 Last for years without profile dis-colourisation.

 Improve your home’s energy efficiency, this will help you to reduce your heating bills.